PPC Farms has created PPC Farms Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship Fund for the students pursuing the newly established Agroecology program at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.  A check was signed Marcelino Garza, CEO of PPC Farms and was presented to Dr. Alexis Racelis, Agroecology Program Director and  Roxanna Vasquez-Lucio from the College of Science Development Office.  Also present were Isaac Kim, Patricia Garza, Anwar Garza and Lois Kim.

The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley has recently established a research and teaching program in Agroecology. Agroecology is the study of ecological processes that operate in production systems. A deep understanding of the ecological implications of the ways we produce our food, fuel, and fiber is required to effectively manage these systems in ways that are more environmentally sustainable.

PPC Farms is committed to producing environmentally sustainable food products, and we are proud to support UTRGV and the College of Science.