PPC at the forefront of South Texas organic farming


MISSION, TX — An established South Texas vegetable grower in recent years has also become a major organic grower.

Plantation Produce Co. was established 1972. The firm, which is also known as PPC Farms, is a 12-month producer in Texas and Mexico of conventional and organic commodities.

Mission, TX-based PPC Farms grows organic and conventional greens, herbs, peppers, cucumbers, beets, cabbage, broccoli and the famous Texas 1015 sweet onions. The offerings include organic yellow and red onions and conventional yellow, red and white onions from March true June.

PPC, which purchased its 75,000-square-foot Texas processing facility from Frito Lay in 2009, also added four cold storage rooms. The 1,600-acre farmland has its own water district and enjoys “plenty of water,” said Marcelino Garza, president of PPC.

In Guanajuato, Mexico, PPC Farms Mexico has a joint grower-partner and the entire operation there is organic with USDA and NICS certification. What sets PPC Farms apart is their commitment to food safety. PPC Farms is GFSI certified under Global G.A.P.; USDA Organic Certified for field safety operations, packing and processing; and Primus GFSI certified for fields, harvester and facility. Its organic certification is from Nature’s International Certificate.

“We are ready for FSMA [the Food Safety Modernization Act implementation] in 2018,” Garza said.

PPC ships to customers all over the United States. “From here we can ship one pallet or a full trailer load,” Garza noted.

The PPC is family owned and operated by third-generation farmers and brothers Anwar and Marcelino Garza, along with Isaac Kim.

Kim’s wife, Lois Kim, is PPC’s vice president of public relations.